Bona Floor Sanders A To Z

Floor Sanders removes the top surface of wooden flooring with abrasives. It is a process that can be undertaken in a domestic and professional capacity to revive old flooring and improve the finish of several types of wooden floors. 

Bona floor sanders are highly efficient machines that can help you achieve high-quality results and make any wooden flooring look as good as new. They are in high demand in labouring and interior designing companies – and for good reasons. This blog explores why.

A comprehensive process

Bona floor sanders allow you to sand down the whole floor surface. From sanding the main flooring area to finishing the edges, you will be able to carry out a complete and professional job. Bona belt sanders are powerful and reliable machines that can be adjusted to optimise performance. 

The precision lifting and lowering of the drum make this machine easy to use and delivers professional results with minimal effort. Bona edgers are also convenient machines that are easy to set up and use. They are perfect to finish the edges of a room to achieve a uniform result.

Job versatility

As well as being able to cover every inch of the flooring you’re working on, Bona floor sanders can sand various types of flooring surfaces. Bona floor sanders are great in a professional capacity as models with the FlexiSand system can tackle even the most resilient floors. Whether you’re working on hardwood flooring or concrete floors, these powerful machines won’t fail to deliver.

Fast and high-quality results

Whether you’re a professional using floor sanders daily or an individual looking to revive old flooring in your home – Bona floor sanders are the perfect solution for you. Bona floor sanders are powerful yet lightweight. This means that they are user-friendly and deliver quality results in no time. Other brands and older generation floor sanders can be heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and make the job more difficult. Therefore, using Bona floor sanders can save you time and deliver better results.

Safety first

Bona floor sanders can connect to Bona dust containment systems, which collect 99.996% of the dust created by the sanding process. Additionally, Bona edgers have a built-in dust collection system. This prevents harmful dust inhalation and ensures your lungs are protected throughout the process. It is important to consider such aspects of health and safety, particularly if you are a professional or firm hiring labourers and skilled workers.

Essential for professionals

As Bona floor sanders are in high demand, labouring companies could be at a disadvantage if they do not have these machines at hand. Not only does the high demand mean low stock and longer waiting times, but it also means that other companies could be at an advantage. You can stand out with such professional machinery, as well as achieve more professional results faster.


If you are looking to add this powerful machine to your day-to-day tool inventory, but do not want the added price for a potential one-time demand, consider our Bona Floor Hire rental service here at Floor Sanders London. For a quick quote on our hire services simply contact us via our website or call us directly at 02084 276604.

What is a Bona Floor Sander?

Renovating floors can be a lengthy, labour-intensive process that requires a considerable amount of effort. However, the whole process can be much faster, easier, and even seamless with the right machinery. In this blog, we will explore the Bona floor sander, an incredible machine that achieves a fast and efficient floor sanding process that delivers high-quality results.

Easy to use

The Bona floor sander is powerful, but also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This lever-operated machine offers incredible precision and simple adjustments, which ensure a task is completed efficiently. The sanding elements are quick to change to make the whole process fast and seamless.
The design of Bona floor sanders also allows it to reach up to the edges of a room to cover as much surface as possible. However, an edging floor sander is required to finish the edges, as for all floor sanding jobs.

Natural wood enhancement

The brush technology within Bona floor sanders creates an enhanced natural look for wooden floors. This is because the brush works the grain of the wood to create a textured, natural look that can revive any type of wooden flooring. Therefore, you can achieve the best quality results using a Bona floor sander for your wooden floors.

Wave goodbye to dust

Dust is the biggest issue associated with standard floor sanders. Not only does all the dust create a mess, but it is also bad for our lungs. Bona floor sanders, fortunately, provide the option of dust-free sanding, as you will be able to connect a Bona dust containment system that removes 99.996% of dust generated throughout the sanding process.

Bona floor sanders are therefore an excellent option for unequalled health and safety, as well as reducing your workload since you won’t have to hoover all the dust.

Next level abrasives

Bona floor sander abrasives are a step above the rest. In-depth technical tests were carried out to make Bona abrasives as effective as possible in the creation of a perfect finish. Multiple factors were tested for coarse, medium, and fine sanding papers and abrasives.
These enabled the development of durable sandpaper with decreasing fibre-ripping and removal rates. Bona floor sander abrasives’ unique hardness also delivers unparalleled surface smoothness.

Multi-surface sanding

Bona floor sanders with the FlexiSand system can tackle even the most resilient floors. From wooden to concrete floors, the powerful engine combined with the 6-disc rotating system will not let you down. The discs are easily changeable and the machine is still lightweight for added ease of use. This multipurpose system delivers quality and effortless results every time.

The Takeaway

The Bona floor sander is a top-quality machine that ensures high-quality results, which you can achieve quickly and almost effortlessly thanks to the technology incorporated within the equipment. From wooden flooring to more resilient materials, you will be able to create the perfect finish with a Bona floor sander. What’s more, the added safety and precision will ensure you create the results you want in a safe environment.

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Pricing at Floor Sander Hire London


Lots of people have wooden floors in their homes. If the family has children or pets, the floors are likely to need a touch-up every so often due to scratches that accumulate in high-traffic areas.

Contractual Work

More and more people are exposing their wooden floors because of interior design trends. This means there’s an increased opportunity to complete contractual sanding work on wooden floors as it’s a task that homeowners may not feel confident in carrying out themselves.

Hiring a Floor Sander

Adding wooden floor sanding to your list of available services is a great idea. However, sanding equipment can be costly and you’ll need to find a place to store all the equipment yourself. To avoid the hassle and extra expense, but still allow your staff to carry out the work, you should consider hiring a floor sander instead as it’s much more cost-effective.

The Benefits of Wooden Floor Sander Hire London


  • Storage Space

Sanding equipment isn’t small. That means you’ll need to find somewhere to permanently store the equipment when you’re not using it. However, hiring a sander saves you all that space as the hiring company will simply take it away when it’s not needed.

  • Multiple Jobs

Hiring sanding equipment gets cheaper the more you use it. For example, if you have a week where you arrange multiple sanding jobs, you could hire the equipment for the whole week, reducing your hiring costs and raking in more profit for yourself.

  • The Pricing

From Floor Sanders London, a belt and edger will cost £39 for a single-day hire but will only cost around an extra £10 for a full 7-day hire. Think how many jobs you could get done with the hired equipment in that time.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to invest in a dust care system to take care of any excess dust floating around in the air. You’ll probably need to take this to most jobs that you fulfil. To hire a dust care system for a single day will cost around £29, however, a full 7 days will only cost £79, so it makes more financial sense to hire the equipment for longer.

If you need to buff a floor after sanding, a day’s hire will cost around £24, whereas a full week will only set you back £29 – which could help you carry out multiple jobs.

  • Sanding Jobs

Sanding jobs can come in all shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that you’d have to buy a whole kit of sanding equipment which will cost a bomb. There are floor sanders, edgers for the corners of the room, stair sanders, and even smaller furniture sanders for tables and chairs. You may need to use all of these for a single job.

However, hiring the equipment can mean that you save money on multiple hires. If you hire a couple of pieces of equipment simultaneously, then it’s more likely to cost you a little less.

  • Insurance

Hiring sanding equipment also means that you’re covered for any accidental damage to the equipment. A slight supplement on your costs is the difference between a few pounds and the massive expense of buying brand new equipment if you were to buy your own outright.

It’s clear that managing your diary well and arranging multiple jobs at once will allow you to hire your sanding equipment rather than purchasing outright, which is much more financially viable.

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Removing Varnish with a floor sander

Removing Varnish Using A Floor Sander

Wooden flooring can add a stunning look to a home and a varnish can help to enhance the natural look of the wood. While varnish helps to protect your wooden floors from scratches and spillages, polyurethane varnish, in particular, tends to turn yellow over time, which takes away from the sleek and stylish look of wooden flooring. The best way to remove your dull and tatty varnish and rejuvenate your floors is by using a floor sander and here’s how you can make a start at home.

How to Sand Your Floor

1. Safety first! You’ll want to put on a dust mask, some goggles, and ear defenders to keep yourself protected as floor sanders produce a lot of dust and noise. Also, make sure that you open up your windows to reduce dust pollution and increase ventilation.

2. Begin by hoovering the floor. Any debris that isn’t removed from your flooring before you start sanding might damage the equipment. It’s also important that your floorboards are all rigidly fixed, and if you notice any nails or screw heads above the surface of your flooring, use a hammer to knock these down to ensure that your surface is as smooth as possible.

3. Once you’ve finished with the preparation, you can now load your belt sander with medium grit paper.

4. Align your machine diagonally to the floorboards, with your sander tilted upward. When the drum reaches full speed, begin moving across your floor and then repeat in the opposite direction.

5. Now move across your floor with your floor sander in the direction of the wood grain. Keep the sander moving – you don’t want to rest the drum on the floor at any point as it will form a dent in your flooring.

6. Sand over each area until the varnish has been removed.

7. Once you’re sure that your old varnish has been sanded off, hoover up the floor thoroughly again, removing any dust and checking over any rough spots. Should you find any, just go over them with the sander again.

Why Use a Floor Sander to Remove Varnish from Wooden Floors?

Removing varnish using a floor sander is advantageous over newer methods such as heat or chemical stripping for several reasons. Heat striping can be incredibly messy, and more alarmingly, chemical stripping your floors can even be dangerous because of the fumes that are released during the stripping process.

Sanding, on the other hand, is the most traditional option for removing varnish that will get your flooring looking smooth and refreshed again, ready for a new coat of varnish. Although hand sanding is great for smaller sanding jobs, it proves time-consuming and lacks the power of floor sanding machinery. This is why we strongly recommend a floor sander to remove varnish from your wooden floors.

So, there you have it, with our step-to-step guide, you’re all ready to get sanding! Should you fall into any trouble or need expert advice on floor sanding, be sure to contact us to see how we can help.

Can Distressed Wood Floors Be Refinished?




Real wood floors are a great way to finish off any home and give it a high-quality look with a unique character. They’re great to finish off a room and if they’re looked after well, they’ll last a lifetime.

Wooden floors are also relatively easy to keep clean as they don’t collect dust, pet hair, or absorb liquids as carpets would – this means that they aren’t prone to mould or mildew. However, they do require some occasional care to ensure they remain looking their best. With a little care, you can ensure your wooden floor retains its quality and also refinish distressed wood floors to bring them back to life.

How to Care for Your Wooden Floor



● Try to keep your children off the floor if they’re playing with toys. Car wheels or hard plastic can easily scratch the wood.
● It’s hard to keep your floor completely scratch-free if you have dogs. Their claws are constantly clipping the floor, so it’s best to try to keep your dogs away from the room as much as possible, or perhaps protect the floor with a rug in the well-used areas.
● Sweep your floor often with a soft-bristle brush to keep it clean from dust and hair.
● When washing the floor, ensure you use a good wood cleaner that can be mixed with water and ideally wipe the surface down by hand to avoid soaking the floor with a mop. Soaking the wood repeatedly over time could cause the water to soak through and the wood may begin to warp. Always use a damp – not a wet – cloth.



How To Bring Your Wooden Floor Back To Life


Despite all your care, wood is a natural material and will, of course, age over time. However, it’s nothing that can’t be revitalised using a floor sander.

To help you sand your floor efficiently, we’ve given you a few tips:
Make sure you use a nail punch to push down any nails that might be starting to work their way out.

Depending on your floor type, you’ll need to consider what level of grit you need. If your floor has a lot of scratches or damage, you’ll need a harder grit type. Whereas for maintenance, lighter grit should work.

Always sand in the direction of the boards, not across the boards to keep the wood grain from splitting.



Hiring A Floor Sander



Let’s face it, you’re not going to be using a floor sander that often; it might be every couple of years at most. Although floor sanders do a great job, it might not be worth purchasing one for yourself. However, there are lots of companies out there that will hire out floor sanders to make your floor care routine much more convenient.



The Benefits Of Floor Sander Hire



● Convenience

Hiring a floor sander means that you can have one at your home when you need it and have the flexibility of being able to use it whenever you need to. It’s much more beneficial than borrowing from friends or relatives, as you’re able to have it delivered and collected without the need to find transport and you can hire it for as long as you need.

● Cost

Floor sanders are expensive and it’s a big cost for something that you only intend to use a couple of times. Hiring a sander comes at a fraction of the cost and you don’t need to feel that you’ve wasted your money – you only pay for the usage.

● Storage

Sanders are large pieces of equipment and finding a permanent home for them while they aren’t in use can be a struggle. Hiring a sander means that you don’t have it cluttering up your shed or garage for the majority of the year. You can hire it whenever you need it and give it back once you’re done.

● Quality

Floor sanders can be expensive, so to cut costs it’s tempting to buy the cheapest product. However, this could mean that you don’t get the best equipment and, as a result, you might achieve a low-quality job. Hiring a sander means that you can get a better quality product for a cheaper price.



Sanding your floor is a necessity to keep it looking its best. To keep costs low if you’re on a budget and still achieve the very best finish, hiring a floor sander is your best option. To do so please contact us or call at 02084 276604 for our best hire packages and deals.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

After learning to clean your hardwood floors correctly, it will only be something you wish you’d known sooner, with how simple it is. However, it is important not to get caught up in misinformation spread online, which will result in your beautiful flooring being damaged. Whether your floor is brand new or has been installed for years, it is important to make sure you continually take care of it so that it maintains its fresh look.

Using the wrong cleaning products or not keeping on top of your cleaning routine can result in a buildup of dust, debris, and dirt that are regularly brought into our homes from the outside. When this build-up is accumulated, not only will this show in the appearance of your hardwood floors but can also cause damage to the finish. So, to ensure your floor has a natural shine all year round, what exactly should you do? Continue reading How To Clean Hardwood Floors