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Pricing at Floor Sander Hire London

Lots of people have wooden floors in their homes. If the family has children or pets, the floors are likely to need a touch-up every so often due to scratches that accumulate in high-traffic areas.

Contractual Work

More and more people are exposing their wooden floors because of interior design trends. This means there’s an increased opportunity to complete contractual sanding work on wooden floors as it’s a task that homeowners may not feel confident in carrying out themselves.

Hiring a Floor Sander

Adding wooden floor sanding to your list of available services is a great idea. However, sanding equipment can be costly and you’ll need to find a place to store all the equipment yourself. To avoid the hassle and extra expense, but still allow your staff to carry out the work, you should consider hiring a floor sander instead as it’s much more cost-effective.

The Benefits of Wooden Floor Sander Hire London


  • Storage Space

Sanding equipment isn’t small. That means you’ll need to find somewhere to permanently store the equipment when you’re not using it. However, hiring a sander saves you all that space as the hiring company will simply take it away when it’s not needed.

  • Multiple Jobs

Hiring sanding equipment gets cheaper the more you use it. For example, if you have a week where you arrange multiple sanding jobs, you could hire the equipment for the whole week, reducing your hiring costs and raking in more profit for yourself.

  • The Pricing

From Floor Sanders London, a belt and edger will cost £39 for a single-day hire but will only cost around an extra £10 for a full 7-day hire. Think how many jobs you could get done with the hired equipment in that time.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to invest in a dust care system to take care of any excess dust floating around in the air. You’ll probably need to take this to most jobs that you fulfil. To hire a dust care system for a single day will cost around £29, however, a full 7 days will only cost £79, so it makes more financial sense to hire the equipment for longer.

If you need to buff a floor after sanding, a day’s hire will cost around £24, whereas a full week will only set you back £29 – which could help you carry out multiple jobs.

  • Sanding Jobs

Sanding jobs can come in all shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that you’d have to buy a whole kit of sanding equipment which will cost a bomb. There are floor sanders, edgers for the corners of the room, stair sanders, and even smaller furniture sanders for tables and chairs. You may need to use all of these for a single job.

However, hiring the equipment can mean that you save money on multiple hires. If you hire a couple of pieces of equipment simultaneously, then it’s more likely to cost you a little less.

  • Insurance

Hiring sanding equipment also means that you’re covered for any accidental damage to the equipment. A slight supplement on your costs is the difference between a few pounds and the massive expense of buying brand new equipment if you were to buy your own outright.

It’s clear that managing your diary well and arranging multiple jobs at once will allow you to hire your sanding equipment rather than purchasing outright, which is much more financially viable.

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