Wooden Floor Tools

Wooden Floor Tools

Bundle Hiring


The Floor Sander Hire Co. was the first company in the region to offer bundle hiring. Within our bundle packages, we offer a wide range of packages including belt sanders, edging sanders, finishing sanders and corner sanders. This allows you to hire all of the equipment you need to complete a job from one place, and it works out more cost effective for you as well. Each sander can be delivered directly to your door and we will pick it up again at the end of the hire period.

Bona and Lagler Floor Sanding Equipment


Bona and Lagler are two of the finest makers of floor sanders in the industry. Their expertise in the flooring industry, both designing and supplying products, is simply unmatched, ensuring your floor’s lasting durability and beauty. Using their products enhances your floor’s overall look, keeping it sturdy and beautifully finished. Their vast experience ensures they continuously build some of the finest products. Their products are known not just in the UK but in over 50 countries all around the globe.

At Floor Sander Hire Co., we are proud of our association with these two multinational firms. When you visit The Floor Sander Hire Co., belt sanders and edging sanders are plentiful and are set up to help you reach your goal. A bundle comprises of all the necessary elements required to complete your project.

You will notice that just as renting individually, renting Bona floor sanders as a bundle is tailored to your requirements. That is, you can get them for a day or two to suit your project. Additionally, packages are available for a week if you need them for that long and of course, you can always keep them for longer.

For services related to bona floor sander hire and rental as bundles, please see our ‘Choose Sander Packages’ page for pricing.