Bona Gap Master (310ml)

Coloured acrylic filler used for sealing gaps between floors and skirting or door thresholds. Can also be used to repair damage to localised areas of floor and to fill up gaps and cracking. Available in a large range of wood shades (Light beech, Dark beech, Light Oak, Dark oak, Bog oak, Ash/Fir, White, Black, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Nut, Teak and Red exotic. Can be sanded and coated once dry.

Lecol Mastic filler (5kg)

Mix with fine wood dust (trio sander dust is best) and fill gaps up to 2mm. hardens in 20-30 minutes and can be sanded, oiled, lacquered, or painted. Available in 0.8kg and 5kg.

Rustins Wood Dye (1L)

Range of dyes in natural wood shades (Antique Pine, Brown Mahogany, Dark Teak, Ebony, Light Oak, Light Teak, Medium Oak, Pine, Red Mahogany, Walnut, Dark Oak)1-2 coats required (coverage 20-24 sq metres per litre)

Bona Create (1L)

Pallet of nine different colours, (Earth, Stone, Aqua, Coal, Lava, Flora, Pure, Amber, Ice) that are applied to bare hardwood floors. Best applied with buffing machine. Floor must be sealed after application with Bona Prime Intense prior to top coating. One coat required (coverage 30-40 sq metres per litre)

Bona Oil 45 (5L)

Traditional oil containing 45% solids. Gives a warmth that most lacquers do not. Does need to be maintained with reapplication advised in high wear areas or areas subject to moisture. Main advantage of oil is that damaged areas of floor can be ‘spot’ repaired. 2-3 coats required (coverage 10-15 sq metres per litre depending on wood species)

Bona Hard Wax Oil (2.5L)

This oil contains wax so it involves less maintenance than traditional oils. The wax slows the absorption rate into the wood. Imparts a warm golden sheen to many wood species.2 coats required (coverage 20-24 sq metres per litre