Wood Floor Accessories

When you come to Floor Sander London, our employees are always there to take your request and ensure that you are served in a friendly and professional manner. Our service is quick and flexible, and is adjusted to suit each customer’s requirements. All sanding consumables including sanding belts, discs and sheets are available to ensure the perfect finish for your floor.

Our products are tailor-made to meet a wide variety of requirements whether you want to sand a vast sports hall, a restaurant dining hall or any public area. We supply unique and reliable, mess-free products as we only work with the best manufacturers in the industry, ensuring a top quality machine for your project.

Our range of accessories also comprises primers, oils and sealants as well as all the other associated products. These accessories, similar to our floor sanders, are from the best manufacturers.

Wooden Floor Accessories:

Bona Prime

Bona primers are famous all over the world for elongating the working life of the floor. In fact, they are the leading primers. We have a range a primers available including, Prime Classic, Prime Intense and Prime Amberseal.

Bona Traffic HD

It is best used to treat the surface of your wooden floor especially if the floor is a high traffic area. Its primary benefits are that it barely has any odour, is eco-friendly and is among the few floor sander products with the desirable non-yellowing formula. This is the product used by the vast majority of the flooring trade for high traffic applications.

Bona Mega

Bona Mega is the most popular Bona Lacquer. It provides excellent protection for your floor for a single component product since it uses atmospheric oxygen to crosslink the polymers. Mega comes in four different sheens. The usual Silkmatt (satin), Matt, Extra Matt and Gloss

Bona Hardwood Mops

Having gone to the effort of restoring your wooden floor, please don’t damage the coating with harsh chemicals. Bona offer a range of aftercare products so you can maintain your floor properly. Bona hardwood floor mops are durable and are designed with an ergonomic look, perfect for your wooden floors. You can disassemble them and assemble them in minutes too.

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    Bona Traffic HD. (4.5L plus 0.5L)

    £92.20 plus VAT

    The toughest floor coating available. Used in high foot traffic environments such as retail spaces, bars and sports halls, Bona traffic is used with a chemical hardener. Available in Silkmatt finish. Two coats required (coverage 10-12 sq metres per litre)

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    Bona Mega (5L)

    £64.99 plus VAT

    Offers superb wear without hardener. Uses oxygen in the air to achieve polymer cross linking. Suitable for domestic high traffic applications. Available in silkmatt, matt, extra matt and gloss finishes. Two coats required (coverage 10-12 sq metres per litre

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    Bona Prime Classic (5L)

    £51.65 plus VAT (1L) £15.99 plus VAT

    Clear primer advised for use with all the above finishes. Provides an excellent surface for top coat adhesion. One coat required (coverage 10-12 sq metres per litre)

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    Bona Prime Intense (5L)

    £59.20 plus VAT

    Must be used to seal floor after application of Bona Create. Can be used as simple primer where it will slightly darken the underlying timber which can improve the appearance of some floor types (new pine etc). One coat required (coverage 10-12 square metres per litre)

  • Bona Naturale 2 component (5L)

    £110.42 plus VAT

    Amazing product that offers excellent hard wearing protection but has a minimal effect on the appearance of the wood. Perfect for clients looking for the most natural finish possible. Supplied with chemical hardener so is suitable for use in high traffic applications. Two coats required (coverage 8-10 sq metres per litre)

  • Bona Naturale 1 component (5L)

    £97.61 plus VAT

    Excellent product for domestic applications, where the desired effect is a natural or ‘untreated’ finish. Offers excellent protection but minimal cosmetic effect on the floor. This product is quite new and is becoming very popular. (coverage 8-10 square metres per litre)