bona floor sander

What is a Bona Floor Sander?

Renovating floors can be a lengthy, labour-intensive process that requires a considerable amount of effort. However, the whole process can be much faster, easier, and even seamless with the right machinery. In this blog, we will explore the Bona floor sander, an incredible machine that achieves a fast and efficient floor sanding process that delivers high-quality results.

Easy to use

The Bona floor sander is powerful, but also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. This lever-operated machine offers incredible precision and simple adjustments, which ensure a task is completed efficiently. The sanding elements are quick to change to make the whole process fast and seamless.
The design of Bona floor sanders also allows it to reach up to the edges of a room to cover as much surface as possible. However, an edging floor sander is required to finish the edges, as for all floor sanding jobs.

Natural wood enhancement

The brush technology within Bona floor sanders creates an enhanced natural look for wooden floors. This is because the brush works the grain of the wood to create a textured, natural look that can revive any type of wooden flooring. Therefore, you can achieve the best quality results using a Bona floor sander for your wooden floors.

Wave goodbye to dust

Dust is the biggest issue associated with standard floor sanders. Not only does all the dust create a mess, but it is also bad for our lungs. Bona floor sanders, fortunately, provide the option of dust-free sanding, as you will be able to connect a Bona dust containment system that removes 99.996% of dust generated throughout the sanding process.

Bona floor sanders are therefore an excellent option for unequalled health and safety, as well as reducing your workload since you won’t have to hoover all the dust.

Next level abrasives

Bona floor sander abrasives are a step above the rest. In-depth technical tests were carried out to make Bona abrasives as effective as possible in the creation of a perfect finish. Multiple factors were tested for coarse, medium, and fine sanding papers and abrasives.
These enabled the development of durable sandpaper with decreasing fibre-ripping and removal rates. Bona floor sander abrasives’ unique hardness also delivers unparalleled surface smoothness.

Multi-surface sanding

Bona floor sanders with the FlexiSand system can tackle even the most resilient floors. From wooden to concrete floors, the powerful engine combined with the 6-disc rotating system will not let you down. The discs are easily changeable and the machine is still lightweight for added ease of use. This multipurpose system delivers quality and effortless results every time.

The Takeaway

The Bona floor sander is a top-quality machine that ensures high-quality results, which you can achieve quickly and almost effortlessly thanks to the technology incorporated within the equipment. From wooden flooring to more resilient materials, you will be able to create the perfect finish with a Bona floor sander. What’s more, the added safety and precision will ensure you create the results you want in a safe environment.

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