bona floor sander at work

Bona Floor Sanders A To Z

Floor Sanders removes the top surface of wooden flooring with abrasives. It is a process that can be undertaken in a domestic and professional capacity to revive old flooring and improve the finish of several types of wooden floors. 

Bona floor sanders are highly efficient machines that can help you achieve high-quality results and make any wooden flooring look as good as new. They are in high demand in labouring and interior designing companies – and for good reasons. This blog explores why.

A comprehensive process

Bona floor sanders allow you to sand down the whole floor surface. From sanding the main flooring area to finishing the edges, you will be able to carry out a complete and professional job. Bona belt sanders are powerful and reliable machines that can be adjusted to optimise performance. 

The precision lifting and lowering of the drum make this machine easy to use and delivers professional results with minimal effort. Bona edgers are also convenient machines that are easy to set up and use. They are perfect to finish the edges of a room to achieve a uniform result.

Job versatility

As well as being able to cover every inch of the flooring you’re working on, Bona floor sanders can sand various types of flooring surfaces. Bona floor sanders are great in a professional capacity as models with the FlexiSand system can tackle even the most resilient floors. Whether you’re working on hardwood flooring or concrete floors, these powerful machines won’t fail to deliver.

Fast and high-quality results

Whether you’re a professional using floor sanders daily or an individual looking to revive old flooring in your home – Bona floor sanders are the perfect solution for you. Bona floor sanders are powerful yet lightweight. This means that they are user-friendly and deliver quality results in no time. Other brands and older generation floor sanders can be heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and make the job more difficult. Therefore, using Bona floor sanders can save you time and deliver better results.

Safety first

Bona floor sanders can connect to Bona dust containment systems, which collect 99.996% of the dust created by the sanding process. Additionally, Bona edgers have a built-in dust collection system. This prevents harmful dust inhalation and ensures your lungs are protected throughout the process. It is important to consider such aspects of health and safety, particularly if you are a professional or firm hiring labourers and skilled workers.

Essential for professionals

As Bona floor sanders are in high demand, labouring companies could be at a disadvantage if they do not have these machines at hand. Not only does the high demand mean low stock and longer waiting times, but it also means that other companies could be at an advantage. You can stand out with such professional machinery, as well as achieve more professional results faster.


If you are looking to add this powerful machine to your day-to-day tool inventory, but do not want the added price for a potential one-time demand, consider our Bona Floor Hire rental service here at Floor Sanders London. For a quick quote on our hire services simply contact us via our website or call us directly at 02084 276604.