What Can I Add To My Wooden Floors To Make Them Look Great?

Wooden floors are notoriously difficult to positively highlight. They can become scuffed and chipped easily and, if not properly taken care of, can look worn and run down. However, there are simple and economical ways to treat your flooring to ensure its longevity and style.

How To Make Your Wooden Floor Shine And Last The Test Of Time

The first step to achieving an excellent shine includes sanding. Sanding your floors has many benefits, including reducing the chance of splinters, eradicating general wear and tear, making it easier to clean, and preserving the quality of the wood. As beneficial as sanding your floor is, you may need to use other methods to ensure your wooden floor is looking its best.

What Can I Do To My Floors?


This is one of the best ways to shine both flooring that is sealed and not sealed. For flooring that is not sealed, a solvent-based wax that is worked into the grain and buffed with a polisher is recommended. A small amount of white spirit mixed with the wax for the first coat will make it easier to work into the grain. Waxing is a popular method as it also extends the life of a sealed floor.

For sealed flooring, the wax should be applied and buffed in the same manner but it should also be removed with detergent to reduce the build-up of the product. Sanding before carrying out any waxing is crucial to get the best possible outcome as you are removing the damaged wood, revealing the healthy layer underneath.


A thorough clean is vastly underrated and paramount to a pristine floor and you don’t always need the most expensive products. We recommend a mild soap with warm water and a damp cloth followed by rinsing with plain water. Floor sanders should be used after cleaning the floor to ensure you get the best outcome for your wooden flooring.


A natural ingredient in tea is tannic acid, which creates a beautiful shine on hardwood flooring. Allow two tea bags to stew in boiling water for a few minutes, then take a cloth dipped in the tea and rub it over the floor for the ultimate shine.


A more frequent measure that can attain a high-level shine is dusting the floor utilising a mop with a special dust agent treatment or electrostatic cloths. This enables you to keep your floor clean and shiny in between deep cleans. Of course, sanding your floor with the correct floor sanding accessories is key before this technique as otherwise the damaged and faded layer of wood will remain.

Sand Your Floor First With Floor Sanders London

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