Caring for Wooden Floors

Caring for Wooden Floors


Wooden floors are a great option for your house as they are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and affordable. After you have installed a wooden floor however, you need to protect it to ensure that it lasts for a long period of time. There are a few ways in which you can help protect and care for your wooden flooring which will be shown below.

Protect it From Unwanted Damage

When there are spills of any liquid on the floor, make sure you clean them immediately as wooden flooring is not waterproof. The top layer of the floor may initially protect the rest of the flooring, but when the liquid is left unclean it gets soaked into the wood, leading to damage that is irreparable. Soak up the spill from the surface gently, then use a fresh towel to wipe the floor.

Clean the Floor Regularly

It is essential to have a routine schedule that you stick to, as this will ensure that you regularly clean the floor. Sweep everyday to remove grit and dirt from the surface, using a brush bristle that is soft. When you notice there are stains and marks on the surface you can choose to clean to get rid of them. Sweeping dust on a daily basis will ensure your floor is left clean from dirt and is looking beautiful.

Cleaning Wooden Floor

Use Products Recommended by the Flooring Manufacturer

You should know the type of floor finish that is installed, since every type of finish requires a different kind of care. With regards to wood flooring, you can contact a professional in your local area to make sure you are using the right cleaning products. This is vital, as using the right products will help you protect and extend the life of the wooden flooring.

Floor Sanding

This helps in reviving your floor and removing any unwanted stains and marks. If your floor has an oiled finish you can choose to sand it with a floor sander to reduce the look of dents and small scratches. Depending on the size of the scratch and dent, you can either choose to lightly sand the surface or use a deep sand to keep your floor looking new.

Wooden Floor Maintenance

Remove Footwear

Before walking on your floor make sure you leave your shoes outside since any outdoor footwear carries grit and dirt that is likely to scratch or dent your floors if you were to walk on it. A popular option you could look into are door mats. These can be placed at all of your home entry points or where you would usually leave your shoes.

Use Felt Pads and Avoid Dragging Objects on the Floor

Place the felt protector pads at the bottom of your furniture legs to act as a soft barrier between the heavy objects and the wooden floor, therefore minimising scratches. Also, when moving your furniture in the house always make sure you pick them up and avoid dragging them across the wooden floor.

Although wooden flooring is an expensive investment, they are beautiful, and with proper care they can last a long time. Overall, it is important to have the knowledge on how you can provide proper maintenance and care to your floor.

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