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Time To Upgrade Your Wooden Flooring

Most of the time hardwood floors will last for the entire life of a home. The only problem is that they are exposed to a lot of wear and tear which makes them look tired. But this should not be a huge issue, as you can easily refinish your floor to make it look glorious once more.

The good thing with refinishing projects is that they are quite easy to work on, especially if you love DIY projects. You may need to rent a few pieces of equipment and buy some supplies, but that’s as hard as it gets.

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Always Keep On Top Of Your Floor Cleaning To Prevent Accidents

The Bona floor is stunning and can transform your home’s interior as soon as it’s installed. However, to keep it looking beautiful all the time, you have to familiarise yourself with Bona floor care tips.

Scratches and dirty marks become quickly visible and can ruin the classy look of the floor. That’s why you should treat the surface with a lot of care and always fix the slightest damages. The tips discussed in this article should make it easier to keep your wooden floor spotless and flawless. 

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What is Resin Flooring?


What is Resin Flooring?

Resin flooring is a hard wearing plastic exterior, generated by blending a selection of components jointly to institute a swift and managed chemical response. The chemical response creates an extremely long-lasting finish. In the easy form, a resin covering consists of discrete hardener and a formulated synthetic resin. As discharge requirements escalate, it usually leads to an increase in the thickness of resin floor, and the variety of components increases to involve pigments, decorative flakes, or chips, aggregates, and in some instances, cement powder. The thicker type of resin floor is consistently firmer than concrete.
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