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Floor Sander Hire Co: An Beginners Guide to What We Do

The Floor Sander Hire: What We Do

Floor Sander Hire Co helps homeowners to spruce up their wooden floors without the hassle or mess. Their expertise spans over 30 years, where they have helped thousands of customers to restore the beauty of their wooden floor by hiring out premium floor sanding machines from the highest quality manufacturers.

The team are always on hand to provide expert advice and reassurance to those new to floor sanding and offer the very best rates along with health and safety tips to keep your sanding experience running smoothly.

Why Choose Floor Sander Hire?

Floor Sander Hire have lots of amazing reviews and referrals to support their excellent customer service and top-of-the-range equipment.

Their 30 years of experience in the trade, still owned and managed by the original founders, has given them the best insider knowledge on products that will deliver the most amazing results, which you can get at a fraction of the cost of purchasing.

The friendly and helpful team are also always happy to discuss the products and resolve any issues or concerns.

Why Would You Need a Floor Sander?

Keeping your floor looking and feeling new is a massive part of your home décor upkeep. Over time, a varnished floor may acquire cracks or chips, especially if you have a home with small children or pets, where accidents and claws can create scratches easily.

Depending on the location of the floor, certain areas can also get bleached by the sun in hot weather, meaning that one side of the room may appear a little lighter than the other.

To rectify these issues, sanding the top layer off the wood can remove the varnish along with any damage, leaving a clean canvas again for you to recondition your floor.

Wood sander

Floor sander hire is an excellent option if you’re planning to sand your floor back to health. It provides a range of benefits which buying a floor sander may not offer:


The cost to hire a floor sander is minimal in comparison to buying one of your own. This means that you get the same experience with a top-quality product for less money. 


It’s often impractical to store such a large piece of equipment all year round, especially if you know you’ll only use it once in the year. Floor sander hire means that you can use the sander as normal, then give it back when you don’t need it, saving you lots of space in your garage.


Floor sander hire also comes with the support from DIY experts. The team at Floor Sander Hire Co are well versed in all their products and can talk you through the process when you decide to hire. This means that you aren’t left trying to decipher complex instructions.

Health and safety equipment

Often, floor sander hire comes with the right health and safety equipment too, giving you a steer on what you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe during the sanding process.

If you’d like to restore your floor to its original beauty, reach out to Floor Sander Hire today for a quote and advice from the dedicated team.