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How Do You Prepare a Floor Before Sanding?

Wood floors are beautiful and can add limitless character to any room. However, in order to stay looking their best they need to be maintained over time . This includes re-sanding and finishing from time to time, especially if you start to notice things like scratches, dullness, fading, and general wear and tear.

Floor sanding can be done by a professional, or you can do it yourself provided you take the right precautions. Here, we’re going to look at how to prepare a floor for sanding for the best possible finish.

How to Prepare a Room for Floor Sanding 

Like any DIY or décor project, preparation is key. Wood floors are generally hardwearing, but the key is to prepare properly. This will ensure there are no imperfections and that you get the highest quality finish for your floor. 

Remove Furniture 

Firstly, you need to remove all furniture out of the room. Sanding a floor isn’t like painting a wall; you can’t move things as you like. Make sure you take out all furniture and décor, including sofas, sideboards, rugs, tapestries, curtains, and smaller items like table lamps, ornaments, and electronics. Try and remove wires and cables where possible, too.

Fit Plastic Sheets 

A lot of modern floor sanders are largely dust-free now, but it’s still best to cover windows and wall-mounted furniture/items with plastic sheets. This will protect them from any dust that may be kicked up and ensure the finish you use doesn’t get anywhere it shouldn’t.

Open windows

Open Your Windows 

Ventilation is extremely important when you’re sanding a floor. As mentioned, although most sanders are dust-free, dust may still be kicked up. There will also be residue from the stain you choose which could have an odour.

Having the windows open will help the wood stain to dry faster and create a more pleasant working  environment.

Clean the Room and Floor

If you were to paint a wall, you’d clean it first to ensure there’s no dust, dirt, or debris that could impair the final finish. The same goes for sanding a floor. Make sure you give the room a once over to get rid of any loose fibres and dust in the air. You should also clean the floor of any dirt or stains if possible. This will ensure a good finish without any imperfection’s. 

Remove any Nails That are Sticking Out 

This sounds self-explanatory, but removing nails is a step that is sometimes overlooked when looking at how to prepare a floor for sanding. Make sure you’re working with a totally smooth surface for optimal results.

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