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Benefits Of Sanding A Wooden Floor

If you have wooden floors, it’s important to take care of them and treat them regularly. This is to keep them looking new for longer, meaning that you’ll have less maintenance or replacement costs in the long run.

Sanding a wooden floor is a way to remove old wear and tear from your floor and restore it to its former glory without having to pay out lots of money on repairs or replacements.

Why Sand a Wood Floor?

If you live in a household with children or pets, then it’s inevitable that your wooden floor will develop scratches and imperfections from toys or claws.

Wooden floors in high traffic areas are also likely to develop scratches due to people walking in heels or simply due to furniture, such as dining chairs, being moved across it.

These imperfections don’t necessarily mean that you need to replace the floor though. A simple sanding could solve the problem for you.

Sanding Prepares the Wood for Varnishing

Varnishing a floor can give it a whole new lease of life. But you shouldn’t put new varnish on top of old varnish. This can create a fake, shiny look and develops an extra layer of varnish that may show scratches more in the future.

Instead, you should sand off the old varnish first. Sanding the old varnish and removing the very top layer of wood removes the scratches and scrapes.

When you varnish over the top of your newly sanded floor it’ll look like a brand new one. You’ll have a new sparkling floor at half the cost of buying a new one and with much less stress and upheaval.

If you’re not happy with the colour of your wood, sanding can also be an option before staining to get the exact right colour to match your décor.

Sanding Removes any Imperfections

Some woods may come with slight imperfections to begin with. Real wood is likely to have knots and places where the floor isn’t quite even. That’s part of its charm.

However, with wooden floors that aren’t perfect to begin with, splits and changes can start to occur as the wood settles into your home.
Sanding the top of the wood can prevent these issues from growing. The longer you leave imperfections in the wood, the worse they’ll get over time, meaning you’ll have no choice but to replace.

Opting for floor sander hire and taking care of the problem at the source will help you maintain your floor’s integrity.

Sanding Makes Sure your Floor is Even

With real wood flooring, you can’t ever guarantee that the floor will be perfectly even, because trees aren’t even. But the last thing you want in your home is a sloping floor.

The solution to this problem is floor sander hire. Hiring a floor sander for a few days and sanding off the top layer of your floor will ensure that it’s perfectly even before you varnish.

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