Dust Free Sander

When To Use A Dust Free Floor Sander?

Dust free sanding is highly popular among homeowners and in commercial settings where health and wellbeing is a key consideration. The practice can be extremely beneficial, especially for people who want to maintain a clean working environment when rejuvenating their hardwood flooring.

The reason is simple: Dust free floor sanders trap up to 99% of dust that would normally be released into a room. The dust particles are largely contained within the sander itself, ensuring healthier and safer conditions, and a superior finish.

While a standard floor sander will produce the same end result, they churn out large amounts of dust and create a dirtier atmosphere, especially in contained environments like small rooms with limited ventilation. As such, the dust free approach is often the most sensible if no other precautions like ventilator masks are available.

Dust free floor sander hire is typically the best course of action for homeowners tackling a large project. Purchasing is also an alternative option, although for one-off jobs, it can make more financial sense to rent in the first instance.

When Should You Use A Dust Free Floor Sander?

Dustless sanding has many advantages and there are several situations where it makes sense to choose this method. These are outlined below:

  • For Better Air Quality — In situations where the air quality needs to be maintained to a high level, dust free sanding is recommended. It can be particularly useful for allergy and asthma sufferers, or if children need to occupy the nearby space. All in all, it is a healthier way to sand flooring.
  • When Speed Is Important — If time is of the essence and a floor sanding project needs completing quickly, a dust free floor sander is the most efficient method. It not only makes clean-up a faster process, it helps to prevent issues with the finish, cutting the total time for completion.
  • For A Faster Clean-Up — Since dust free floor sanders contain the vast majority of dust particles, there is no need for an extensive clean-up operation once the project has finished. It is faster and easier to dispose of the dust particles once complete. This saves time and money.
  • To Improve The Finish — Using a dustless sander reduces the chance of problems with the overall finish. One reason for this is that dust particles are largely taken care of. This reduces the chance of debris or other issues causing damage to the wood and tarnishing the finish.
  • In Sensitive Environments — In more sensitive environments where the health of residents, workers or other occupants is a significant factor, using a dust free sander makes sense. Hospitals, schools, nursing homes, daycare units, and similar can all benefit from dustless sanding.

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