Sanding Wooden Floors Cost: How much money goes into DIY floor sanding

Floor sanding is a simple way to touch up worn down and damaged hardwood floors without removing their rustic charm. But getting this done professionally can seem like a pricey option for those who are hoping for a more affordable way to give their floors some much-needed renovation.

Do It Yourself floor sanding is always an option, and if you are willing to rub in the elbow grease and put in the extra effort, it could be a much more cost-effective option. But how much, exactly, are the DIY floor sanding costs that you’ll have to expect?

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Benefits of Floor Sanding

You may wonder if the cost and trouble of sanding your floors are worth the effort. Sanding your floors is well worth the effort. As a homeowner, this is one of the simple home improvements you can make.

Erases the Signs of Wear and Tear

As time goes by your beautiful hardwood flooring will start to show signs of wear. Furniture moving across the floor, tons of traffic walking across the floor, and the temperature changes over the years will dull the shine and make the floors start to look old and tired.
The beauty of hardwood is that it can be sanded and sealed again, and the boards will look as good as they did when they were first installed. Laminate flooring imitates the look of hardwood, but when laminate gets worn it must be replaced. When hardwood gets worn it simply needs some tender loving care.

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How Many Sanding Sheets for a Floor Sander Job?











Floor sanding sheets or sand papers are papers with abrasive materials glued on one side or on one face. Although they can be replaced by other abrasives like aluminium oxide paper and silicon carbide paper which should be used to describe the type of paper you need.

They come in different grit sizes and are used to remove stains from surfaces, make them smoother for painting or wood finishing, to make surfaces rougher in preparation for glueing and for removing layers of materials like old paints.

The size of the grit is usually stated as a number with the smallest indicating the coarse grit whilst the largest indicating the finest grit.

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Beginners Guide to Sanding Pine Floors











Top tips to help you get sanding


In the interest of saving money, you may opt to sand your own pine floors. All this requires is the hire of the high-quality tools that we supply here a The Floor Sander Hire Co. Some of the companies you hire in to do the job may only be interested in the pay. However, sanding pine floors does not always have to be an expert-only job. With time you’ll benefit from the importance of doing this job for yourself. You save some money and the quality of work you do is better. Though most floors are made of hardwood, pine is a soft wood. The procedure used for sanding softwood floors is not the same as the one for hardwood floors. A gentle and soft touch is a very important consideration when doing this job. An electric sanding machine is the best choice if you want to complete the work quickly, though doing it by hand is still an alternative. Continue reading Beginners Guide to Sanding Pine Floors

Why Dust Free Floor Sanding is Important











Alongside with help from floor sanding, wooden floors add style and elegance to any property, varying significantly from contemporary to traditional. Their initial outlay may be more than another alternative of carpets, but their longevity and value for the money can always outweigh exactly that. Wooden flooring evidently boasts a sophisticated history with huge variations, allowing property owners to create a unique space through stain and surface options.

Solid wood floors exude warmth, and high-quality varieties are best equipped to offer durability with resistance against daily living in high-traffic areas of any home. Routine mopping is required to ensure wood floors are kept clean and fresh; dust mites, mildew, and mould are unable to breed. A hardwood floor is an ideal solution for households with small children or pets.

The Dust free floor is important for the following reasons:

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