How Can You Restore Damaged Wooden Floors


How to Restore Damaged Wooden Floors

One of the most common advantages of having wooden floors is that in most cases you can repair the damaged surfaces, without needing to replace the entire floor in the room. This is often not the case with other types of floor. There are many methods which you can resort to when correcting the problem area, depending on how severe and deep the given damage is. Continue reading for all of our top tips and tricks for repairing wooden floors.

One thing that should be remembered is that it’s better to be careful and prevent any damage rather than be forced to spend more money and time repairing the floor that has been affected. Therefore, when it comes to prevention there are numerous ways to do so but the main one is to always remember to lift furniture instead of dragging it across the floor. Secondly, always remember the importance of cleaning and treating it on a regular basis and always use a mop to get any spills as soon as you can otherwise this may cause the floor to split or stain.

How can I get rid of the scratches on my wooden floor?

If your floor has scratches which cover it, you shouldn’t think about taking any complex measures, the solution is simple and you can do it on your own without any expert systems or professionals. To get rid of small scratches that occurred on your floor add a new coating of sealer to your floor and if the floor has been greased simply cover it with a layer of oil. If the floor is lacquered use a varnish pen which will assist you to solve your problem and eliminate any marks. Most DIY shops sell wax filler stems which help conceal or eliminate light or medium marks on the wooden floor. To fix the floor where deep marks and nicks are visible you may use a particular resin cartridge which is also available from DIY stores. Another home remedy that you could use is combining equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil in a cup and pat the mixture onto the mark, leave it for the remainder of the day then buff it out this process usually takes away the little scratches and scuffs.

Water damage

If you’ve had a leak or a spillage that someone has dealt with straight away it’s likely that your wooden flooring is suffering from stains or warping or maybe even both. If the floor is stained firstly make sure that it’s completely dry and wipe up any puddles then use a heater or hairdryer to ensure all the moisture is gone from the floor. There will be a slight watermark stain left remaining on the wooden floor, therefore, get some toothpaste and gently polish that into the floor and it should do the trick!

We hope that our blog has helped you with your damaged wooden floor and if you would like some more advice and tips on how best to treat your wooden floor, or would like to speak to using about hiring floor sanders, don’t hesitate to get in touch.