man sanding wooden floor in workshop

Floor Sanding, Buffing or Screening?

If you have a variety of wooden or wood finish floors throughout your home, then you may already be thinking of ways to keep them looking at their best. Ultimately, a great wooden floor is one that you clean and treat regularly. They take time and care to keep them looking at their best, but providing you work out what’s best for your flooring, there are no reasons why this should provide any headaches.

So – have you considered floor sanding, buffing, or screening? In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at the difference between all three and will consider which might be the best fit for your home and your particular needs.

Floor Sanding

When it comes to applying maximum pressure and doing the job, floor sanding is likely to be the best option. Full floor sanding means that you effectively take your floor down to its base wood – that you effectively strip away the upper layers or coatings and take things down to basics.

A full-floor sanding will then lead to additional finishing, meaning that you are effectively refurbishing your floors, so they look virtually brand new again! This tends to be the most intensive of the three choices.

Floor Buffing

Buffing is really the midpoint choice of the three. This essentially means that you are still sanding your floors to a degree, but you’re not taking the coating right off down to the base layer.

A light floor buffing essentially reduces the top sheen or coating to revitalise the look of your floors. This means that it is less intensive than a full sanding, and it often means that you get great results within a fraction of the time. There’s no need for you to worry about reapplying coating over and over, either.


Floor Screening

Floor screening is perhaps the least intensive option of them all. While similar, the screening process involves lightly sanding the floor surface so that it takes away its initial look before you gently apply a surface recoat so that it takes on a new sheen or aesthetic.

Ultimately, floor screening is the option you’d take if your floor doesn’t need much in the way of deeper work or refurbishment – you just simply need to give it a fresh coat and a new style.

Which Option is Best?

Crucially, we must remember that all three of these options serve different needs and purposes. For example, you might not need something as time-consuming or as labour-intensive as a full sanding. You might simply need to screen your floors so that they look great again for a little while longer.

If you’re not sure which is best, then floor buffing is a great middle choice. However, what’s always best to do is consult an expert in floor sanding, screening, and buffing to help you find the right pick for your floors and your aesthetics.

Don’t let your floors fade or wear down – take care with expert sanding help!

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