What is dust free sanding?

Dust is almost always a major problem whenever we carry out sanding our floors at home. Whether it’s done by a professional or by you, dust is always a concern. Dust can be a health risk if inhaled in large quantities. Traditionally, dust masks have to be used to deal with the prevention of dust, causing health problems, especially with children.

Due to this concern, there has been a lot of research to try to find out how this dust can be dealt with once and for all. This has resulted in what’s known as dust free floor sanding. The main aim of this kind of sanding solution is to ensure that dust that results from the floors being sanded don’t get inhaled by the person doing the sanding job as well as those in the vicinity of the home such as children. The following are some of the facts to know about the process of dust free floor sanding:

How does it work?

It can be difficult to believe that it’s possible to sand your floor without any trace dust at all, even the slightest amount. However, this is quite a possibility.

The solution is provided by this machine or system that ensures that the dust is sucked into a container the moment it gets off the floor. Since the dust has the ability to get to any place in the house, including closed cabinets and covered interiors, thank goodness that someone found a way to contain the dust!

Now there are contractors that can do your floor sanding job without a trace of dust. There’s no need of dismantling or covering the interior of your house. Further, there won’t be any need for you to clean your house when the job is done.

The system involves the use of a sanding machine connected to a vacuum cleaner. These two systems combine to become a single system that’s completely sealed. The vacuum cleaner makes use of three stages to free the air from the dust. This dust is always the most stubborn thing to clean for homeowners when the home renovation is done.

Therefore, the vacuum cleaner captures the tiny particles of dust because they’re the most difficult to clean after sanding is completed. The bag into which the dust is fed may get full and need replacing, but there still won’t be any chance of the dust escaping. Therefore, this system guarantees a renovation of your floor in a completely dust-free manner.

How effective is it?

This may all sound too good to be true but the fact is, it actually works close to 100% of the time. It’s actually just as good as it may sound. However, it will cost you, as a homeowner a bit more per square foot of your floor space but there’s a guarantee that it will deliver everything it promises.

Therefore it’s a wise move to give it a shot. Dust free floor sanding is the best option if you have items in your home that are sensitive to dust just as you are. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve been looking for a better way to dust your floor.

Dust free floor sanding is no doubt the best method for doing any floor sanding task at home. Most of us loathe cleaning after the renovation is completed. Therefore, by choosing this kind of floor sanding option, you save yourself the hassle.