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Bona Primer: The Solution to Natural-Looking Wooden Floors

If you want your home to have that classic look then you will likely want to steer away from laminate flooring, this is why we are going through how to care for your for your hardwood floors to make them last a very long time!

Wooden floors set the tone for a homey, rustic feel in your home. Whether you’re staying in a beach house or just lounging at the comfort of your own home, there’s something about wooden floors that give a touch of timelessness and a sense of relaxation and comfort.


Since wood is prone to wearing out, proper care is essential. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry because you can still achieve that natural appearance of unfinished wood with bona primer. Using this product will not require lots of preparations because it is quick and easy to apply — Bona primer dries quickly within two to three hours. Plus, it adds durability to your floors when paired with bona lacquer.


Bona primer is made of safe substances and ingredients. But in case of eye contact, rinsing with running water will do the trick. If the product spills onto your skin, just wash thoroughly with soap and water. Still, to avoid the risk of being exposed to such incidents, remember to wear appropriate protective equipment such as suitable gloves and safety eyewear when applying the Bona primer.


Before use, ensure that the product has reached room temperature. Shake the container thoroughly then insert the supplied filter. There’s no need to the dilute the Bona primer — just pour the finish into the supplied container through an external strainer to end up with a consistent lacquer finish.


Before applying the primer, make sure that the floor has been prepped. The surface of wooden floors to be treated should be sanded first to revert it to its bare form. It must be kept dry and should not be contaminated with wax, oil, sanding dust, and other materials. Once you’re all set, apply the Bona primer using a roller at approximately 10-12 square meters per litre to prevent product accumulation. Allow drying for about two to three hours.


Keep in mind that the final colour of the Bona primer is directly linked to the kind of wood it is applied to. Varying levels of tannic acid and other naturally occurring substances may be present in the same type of wood, which may affect the colouration. The more coats, the lighter the appearance of the wood. If only one coat is to be applied, sanding must be done after the first layer of topcoat. If two coats are to be applied, sand between coats of primer. Remove all dust afterwards. Take note that wood may swell when subjected to too much coating, so apply not more than two full coats of primer per day.


Once you’re done, keep the primer container tightly closed and store in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area, away from heat and direct sunlight. The great thing is that if you feel like using the primer again in the future, you can still do so — the product’s shelf life is one year from the date of production indicated in its unopened original container.


Save yourself the trouble of caring for your wooden floors and use Bona primer to retain that natural, unfinished effect. Once you’ve achieved the desired coat, your wooden floors will easily exude warmth and cosiness, with the added touch of timeless appeal.

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