Sanded wooden floor

How to maintain your newly-sanded hardwood floor

Maintenance of newly sanded floor is a task requiring the right types of materials, equipment, trained personnel – as well as a practical maintenance plan. Periodical maintenance helps keep your wood floor in newly sanded condition, while preventive maintenance is useful for avoiding any sort of damages to the floor from accidental damage. Knowledge of sanded floor characteristics helps in adopting the right maintenance method by using the best of floor-friendly cleaning agents.

Sanded Floor Characteristics

  • A sanded floor becomes sleek and even in nature. The smoother texture is due to the old wood layer being stripped away to reveal the raw, fresh surface.
  • The wood shine will nearly be restored to its original condition.
  • However, this means the floor is less resistant to foot traffic, so the impact of stress on the wood is higher.

Periodical Maintenance

  • First, it is important to carry out any repairs that are needed, such as removing and replacing damaged wood planks, which will often create dust and debris.
  • Removal of dust is the primary part of periodical maintenance. This should ideally be done every day. The traditional dust mop is the best equipment for performing this task. Choose an optimum sized mop which you can manoeuvre without having to disturb the installed furniture. Ensure that you keep the mop on the floor without having to lift it up. This helps in keeping the dust on the floor and collection, so removal becomes easier. Alternately, you can use a vacuum for dust removal.
  • Floor conditioning is the next maintenance task which you should perform at least twice in a week. You can use hardwood floor cleaning liquid for this purpose. Spray the liquid uniformly all over the floor and let it soak for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now you can use a floor brushing machine with a scrubber for taking out the stains and stress marks from the floor surface.
  • Coating is the next maintenance task which you should perform once in a month or quarterly, depending on the volume of foot traffic on the newly sanded floor. Waxing is said to be an effective way of restoring the original shine to the floor. Alternately you can opt for polishing of the floor. These two processes make it easy for cleaning the floor at later stages.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Ban smoking inside the premises which have newly sanded floors. This prevents accidentally dropping a cigarette on the floor and leaving burn marks.
  • Use paint thinner to periodically clean the floor with the help of steel wool. This helps prevent stain marks from getting deposited on the floor surface.
  • Use a wood lacquer which can protect your floor from damages and also provide additional shine. This makes it easier to wash, mop and vacuum. Stress marks will be eliminated from the floors and it takes a longer time for them to reappear. unless you forget to use the wood lacquer regularly (usually once every 3 months).

Floor Sander Hire

Hiring professional-standard floor sanders can help simplify your floor maintenance, and with our friendly staff here to support you, we can help ensure your sanding is perfectly executed. Since we have been in the professional floor sanding business for several years, our qualified staff have all the experience and know-how to give you all the advice you need to get the best results, and even extend your floor life – and recommend the best quality accessories and materials for maintaining your hardwood floor.