How Many Sanding Sheets for a Floor Sander Job?

Floor sanding sheets or sand papers are papers with abrasive materials glued on one side or on one face. Although they can be replaced by other abrasives like aluminium oxide paper and silicon carbide paper which should be used to describe the type of paper you need.

They come in different grit sizes and are used to remove stains from surfaces, make them smoother for painting or wood finishing, to make surfaces rougher in preparation for gluing and for removing layers of materials like old paints.

The size of the grit is usually stated as a number with the smallest indicating the coarse grit whilst the largest indicating the finest grit.



How Many Sanding Sheets do I Need?

People have different tastes for home designs, which vary from modern to natural. The design or style of choice should improve the overall design and add a natural impression to your home. However, the budget becomes the first priority for the type of floor you want.

Thus, the question how many sanding sheets for a floor sander job? However, this is a very tricky question to answer, because the answer will depend on the condition the floor is in and the size of the surface area.

For instance, if the floor is in a bad state or old you may need to start with a coarser sandpaper to sand down to the original floor.

If you have an average size floor that is slightly worn out, you may start sanding the floor with a 36-grit paper to remove stains on the top layer, paint and then wax. For you to ensure that there are no stains left on the floor you will need an extremely coarse sandpaper for you to get down to the original floor.

To get a really nice smooth finish, you have to sand the floor with a 60-grit paper, 100 and a 120-grit paper. Since the paper wears out so quickly and becomes ineffective in giving a nice finish, it is important to consider buying 36, 60, 100 and 120 grit papers in large quantities.

For one to get a smooth finish you may need to replace the sandpaper more often. The unused papers can be taken back to the hardware for reselling.

abrasive sandpaper
However, there is no specified guideline for the number of sanding sheets you may need for a floor sander job. The number of sanding sheet will depend on the size and extent of damage of the floor, but the following can be a rough estimate for a standard size room that is not so old or extremely worn out.

So once you’ve understood what grit paper you will need, what follows is the standard amount of sanding sheets you’ll need for each sized grit paper, for a standard sized room:

36 grit paper – 15 sanding sheets
60 grit paper – 10 sanding sheets
100 grit paper – 10 sanding sheets and
120 grit paper – 5 sanding sheets

You will need more of coarse papers since they are used to remove old stains from the floor and they do most of the sanding work and just a few of grit 60, 100 and 120 since they are used for obtaining a smooth surface.

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