4 key reasons why your hardwood floor needs regular maintenance

Hardwood is the king of domestic flooring and a personal favourite of ours. Not only is it is durable and hygienic, but it looks simply gorgeous, with the power to accentuate natural décor and raise the value of your property.

But the appeal of your hardwood flooring can be ruined by letting it succumb to scuffs, scratches and general wear and tear. So, to keep your floor looking its best, it is advised you treat it with regular sanding and varnishing.

hardwood floor freshly polished and sanded

Newer, smoother look


All types of flooring lose their flair over time, becoming dull from wear and tear. One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is that, when it starts to look dull, you can simply sand away the dull layer and reveal a fresh one.

This layer makes the hardwood look like new again, giving it a smoother appearance. The new layer also allows easy applications of different aftercare products to extend the life of the flooring.


Complements the rest of the room


On top of a shinier appearance for your floor, your hardwood also does wonders for the surrounding area. The smoother your floor is, the more reflective it will become. A well-maintained floor can effectively reflect light and spread it around to brighten up any room.


Even flooring


Regularly sanding your floor means that you can keep it as even as possible, which makes fitting furniture much easier. Level flooring also makes it less prone to collecting dust and other debris and reduces the chances of suffering from a slip or fall within your home.

After every treatment with a sander, your hardwood floorings resistance to movement will decrease more and more – preventing the build-up of dust. This helps your floor stay much fresher over time, and reduces the amount of tedious cleaning your flooring will need in the future.


Allows easy staining and varnishing


Unlike carpets and rugs, you can reinforce hardwood flooring with a variety of effective varnishes and lacquers that protect it against moisture and unwanted drafts.