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Can Distressed Wood Floors Be Refinished?

Real wood floors are a great way to finish off any home and give it a high-quality look with a unique character. They’re great to finish off a room and if they’re looked after well, they’ll last a lifetime.

Wooden floors are also relatively easy to keep clean as they don’t collect dust, pet hair, or absorb liquids as carpets would – this means that they aren’t prone to mould or mildew. However, they do require some occasional care to ensure they remain looking their best. With a little care, you can ensure your wooden floor retains its quality and also refinish distressed wood floors to bring them back to life.

How to Care for Your Wooden Floor



● Try to keep your children off the floor if they’re playing with toys. Car wheels or hard plastic can easily scratch the wood.
● It’s hard to keep your floor completely scratch-free if you have dogs. Their claws are constantly clipping the floor, so it’s best to try to keep your dogs away from the room as much as possible, or perhaps protect the floor with a rug in the well-used areas.
● Sweep your floor often with a soft-bristle brush to keep it clean from dust and hair.
● When washing the floor, ensure you use a good wood cleaner that can be mixed with water and ideally wipe the surface down by hand to avoid soaking the floor with a mop. Soaking the wood repeatedly over time could cause the water to soak through and the wood may begin to warp. Always use a damp – not a wet – cloth.



How To Bring Your Wooden Floor Back To Life


Despite all your care, wood is a natural material and will, of course, age over time. However, it’s nothing that can’t be revitalised using a floor sander.

To help you sand your floor efficiently, we’ve given you a few tips:
Make sure you use a nail punch to push down any nails that might be starting to work their way out.

Depending on your floor type, you’ll need to consider what level of grit you need. If your floor has a lot of scratches or damage, you’ll need a harder grit type. Whereas for maintenance, lighter grit should work.

Always sand in the direction of the boards, not across the boards to keep the wood grain from splitting.



Hiring A Floor Sander



Let’s face it, you’re not going to be using a floor sander that often; it might be every couple of years at most. Although floor sanders do a great job, it might not be worth purchasing one for yourself. However, there are lots of companies out there that will hire out floor sanders to make your floor care routine much more convenient.



The Benefits Of Floor Sander Hire



● Convenience

Hiring a floor sander means that you can have one at your home when you need it and have the flexibility of being able to use it whenever you need to. It’s much more beneficial than borrowing from friends or relatives, as you’re able to have it delivered and collected without the need to find transport and you can hire it for as long as you need.

● Cost

Floor sanders are expensive and it’s a big cost for something that you only intend to use a couple of times. Hiring a sander comes at a fraction of the cost and you don’t need to feel that you’ve wasted your money – you only pay for the usage.

● Storage

Sanders are large pieces of equipment and finding a permanent home for them while they aren’t in use can be a struggle. Hiring a sander means that you don’t have it cluttering up your shed or garage for the majority of the year. You can hire it whenever you need it and give it back once you’re done.

● Quality

Floor sanders can be expensive, so to cut costs it’s tempting to buy the cheapest product. However, this could mean that you don’t get the best equipment and, as a result, you might achieve a low-quality job. Hiring a sander means that you can get a better quality product for a cheaper price.



Sanding your floor is a necessity to keep it looking its best. To keep costs low if you’re on a budget and still achieve the very best finish, hiring a floor sander is your best option. To do so please contact us or call at 02084 276604 for our best hire packages and deals.